Sheena and Joshua

A Turtle On Your Head

I had just gotten out of a relationship two months prior to meeting Joshua. Originally, I wanted to disable my OkCupid account because I was giving up on relationships altogether. However, on the very last day of the year and the day that I wanted to disable my account, Joshua messaged me. I laughed out loud because his message title caught my eye (it was titled "A turtle on your head") as he was referring to my profile picture. I started reading his message and asked myself, "Why not?" as his message was altogether funny and interesting.

We started to message back and forth for about a week and when he had to move to go back to college, we decided to meet in person. I was hesitant and nervous as I knew that the date could turn out to be really awkward or completely awesome. It turned out to be really awkward (at least for me).

But the night after the date, we talked online on OkCupid until the wee hours of the morning and found that we were both so nervous to talk. We decided to meet again for a study date. After that, we hit it off.

It has been more than six months after Joshua and I met, and I couldn't be any happier than I am now! He proposed to me last week, and I said yes! Thank you OkCupid for giving me the chance to meet and marry the man of my dreams!

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