Steph and Ryan

We Get Along Crazy Well

I just happened to do a search one night outside of my local area (Tampa Bay) and Ryan popped up. He and I had ridiculously high match ratings (higher than I'd ever seen before - I think it was 98 match/96 friend) and I thought it warranted a message saying so. He lived in Tallahassee and was 200-something miles away, so I didn't expect a whole lot to happen. But we exchanged some messages, chatted, then moved to the phone. We finally decided we had to meet and our first "date" was halfway between each other in Gainesville. He played it a little cool; I honestly didn't think he was that in to me. He was though and he was unlike any other guys I'd met before (clearly OkCupid's matching system is on the mark because we get along crazy well).

Soon after that first meeting, I started weekend commutes to Tallahassee. After a couple months of that, we became a couple officially. He met my daughter and won her approval (with the help of comics and video games).

Now, we all live together in Tallahassee. Today (July 30th) marks one year as an official couple. We are grateful to OkCupid for the role they played in getting us together. Without this site I'm doubtful we would have ever met. THANKS OKCUPID! <3

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