Amanda and Sean

Thanks for sending some butterflies our way!

First date (8/4/08): in swimsuits at Pony Pastures in Richmond.
First kiss (8/4/08): in a tattoo parlor, where neither one of us were getting tattoos.
Second date (8/6/08): met the parents, the pets, and the siblings :)
Four months later (11/14/08): he proposed while she was in the bathtub. (There were candles and bubbles!)
One year later (8/4/09): got hitched on our 1 year anniversary of our first date.
Sixteen months later (12/15/09): happily married, searching for a new home and planning our life after she graduates.

Here is what he first said:

07/30/2008 - 12:24pm

Don't mind if you ignore this message, just wanted to let you know; you are stunning! Thanks for giving a guy a case of the butterflies for the day. ;)


And it was history in the making from there on! We don't always agree, but we love each other more than life and we respect on another. Our wedding was a small, intimate affair with only our closest family members and friends. As we said "I do" , it started to pour, and we just laughed. We drove to the reception with a rainbow in the sky. We are both confident, smart, sexy, respectful and caring. We communicate well, which is a refreshing turn of events from our pasts. On our first date we actually had a couple come up to us in a store and ask us how long we had been together because we were so comfortable with each other. After trying to not leave each other, we got to the end of the night and went home on cloud nine.

Thanks for sending some butterflies our way!
Mr. & Mrs. Samford
Married 8/4/09
Met Online 7/30/08
Met In Person 8/4/08

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