Heather and Kristian

Our Love Blossomed

When Kristian and I first started talking, I thought it was going to be something more casual than romantic since neither of us was looking for anything serious at the time. I casually browsed his profile one day and later that day, he messaged me after seeing I'd visited his profile. We started a light, albeit flirtatious conversation. He had an interesting and intelligent profile, was a musician which I found to be very sexy, and physically he was definitely my type. We did some heavy flirting via IMs and text messages, and agreed to meet the next day.

When he showed up at my place, I knew I was attracted to him and immediately kissed him, which is very unlike me. Though most people might believe that hooking up the first meeting dismisses all chances of a relationship forming, something about it felt right. The connection and attraction I felt between us was not like anything I'd ever experienced! We met up a few times after that. Things took a rocky turn here because though we mutually expressed wanting to get to know each other better, he seemed more hesitant to do so as it seemed like I was making more effort to start and keep conversations going.

After not really getting anywhere for a while, I started telling myself maybe he wasn't interested after all and decided perhaps I should move on. I'd started casually seeing another guy, but after realizing there was no spark I knew deep down I missed Kristian. Though the way he was acting made me think he "just wasn't that into me", something told me to reach out to him again. I offered to come down to his area (we lived about an hour apart at the time) and he was down for it. I met him at his place a few days later. He played some of his music, we hung out for a while, held hands, cuddled, and though conversation was still minimal, the whole night felt very romantic and intense.

After that night, he came around and started conversing with me more and making a true attempt to get to know me. He admitted that because of our first meeting, he was hesitant at first to make it into something more serious. We spent some of Thanksgiving together and started visiting a couple of times a week. Then on New Year's Eve, he had a party at his house. The party started a bit late (about 1AM), but I'm grateful for it because we got to ring in the new year alone. As we stood outside watching neighborhood fireworks as we held each other close, I knew that something was meant to be between us and ten days later, he asked to make the relationship official.

We've spent many days and nights discussing what we want in a relationship, the things that are important to us in life and love, past experiences and mistakes, and overall we have a very open relationship full of communication, maturity, understanding, and passion. Nearly seven months have gone by and I have recently moved in with him and am loving that I can now experience the love we have for one another on a daily basis. Until I met Kristian, I've never been in a relationship where I felt so loved and accepted and felt that I can truly be myself. It started out in an unusual manner, but it has blossomed into something amazing and beautiful.

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