Jennifer and Taylor

We Enjoy The Hell Out Of Each Other

My (Jenn's) story: I was at a place in my life that I wasn't happy with, and had jokingly told people all I wanted for Christmas was a man that wouldn't break my heart. I happend to wander across Taylor's profile by accident. I started reading it, and the mention of a barrage of run on sentences and commas caught my attention and made me laugh. That was two days before Christmas.

I messaged him to see if he wanted to talk sometime, thinking to myself, this guy is kinda cute. He messaged back sure, and we talked a little here on OKCupid , then on Yahoo.. We agreed to meet to see a movie (odd as it was, we took my sister and her friend), and we clicked pretty much instantly. I loved his smile, and knew I wanted to see him again.

We hung out a few more times, and on New Year's Eve he came over to my place. We had a good time, and before we went to sleep for the night, he asked me if I would be interested in trying a relationship... I said yes, and I dont think there has been a day that we havent spoken to or seen each other. That was over 7 months ago...

I am the happiest with him I have been in a long time. He treats me amazingly, and I know everyday I have with him is the luckiest day of my life...

Tayls Story: After many failed attempts at finding someone that could deal with my crazy ass, I had pretty much given up hope and didnt think anything of if for the longest time. A few months later I stumble upon this site. I had tried everything else, so I figured, oh what the hell. why not?

So after I set up my page, I got a few messages here and there, but nothing that stood out, so I gave up again, only occaisonally checking my messages. One day, I got one message of someone wanting me to IM them or call. She found me, and my love of run on sentences, interesting and funny. Still a bit skeptical, I contacted her anyway, and damn, am I glad that I did!! We hung out quite a few times, even shooting zombies together in the arcade at the bowling alley!!

So New Years Eve I asked her what she would think of going out. She said yes!!! We've been together for over 7 months now, and we rarely argue. Everyday I spend with her is absolute bliss and awesomeness!!! It took me a loooooong time, but I'm with someone that I wanna be with all the time. She just left my house and I miss her already!!!

So that is our story... I deal with his craziness, and he deals with mine... We enjoy the hell outta being with each other, and though it isn't perfect, it works for us. :)

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