Adam and Theresa

Our Fairytale

I was tired of going out on first dates with 90+%matches and finding out that in real life, we had nothing in common, only on paper. After having 4 or 5 first dates that totally failed, I searched "Anywhere" and looked for some lower percentage matches to try my luck with someone who might have a better real life match with me. As soon as I saw Theresa's profile, I knew I had to meet her, but we lived almost 100 miles apart. After she replied to my first message, saying I was cute and she would love to meet me, we started talking on the phone and sent a plethora of text messages (1000+ in the last 2 weeks.)

We planned to meet halfway, but after Theresa had some car troubles, we decided that for our first meeting, I would drive all the way to meet her in her home town. I picked her up and it was literally love at first sight for both of us. I got out of my truck, and walked to meet her in the driveway, and she jumped into my arms and gave me an amazing kiss. I knew from the moment I saw her that this was the woman I wanted to spend my life with. We drove to meet my sister for breakfast - and introduce Theresa to her, something I haven't done in 8 years.

After breakfast, we spent a few hours at my lake cabin and got to know each other better, even though we already felt like we were a lost love from another life. We knew everything about each other before we even met. We headed back to her town to meet up with her best friend, who gave me the mom test and the best friend test, both of which I passed. We spent the next day together as well, and had a wonderful couple of days. We are absolutely in love, and planning our wedding and future children already... Theresa has two boys, and I have one boy, so we're hoping for a girl when we're ready to have another together. OkCupid was the reason we met, and we know we're soul mates, and will be together for the rest of our lives... This is a fairytale romance, and it will be a fairytale marriage.

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