Jen and William

Finally Got The Courage

Let me just say, this is the love of my life! I've never felt such a strong connection and love for someone before, he is my everything.

We met on here after looking at each other's profiles numerous time, but we were both too shy to message the other. Finally I got up the courage to message him, we talked through messages for a bit at first and exchanged numbers, and decided to meet in person. I drove a half hour to his house the day after Christmas. Not only did I meet him for the first time, but I met the entire family seconds after meeting him, haha! (It went well, by the way).

Anyway, it was the greatest day of my life, and we knew from the first time we met that we wanted to be together forever. I never thought I'd find someone with such similar interests in, well, everything, the same exact sense of humour, as weird as I am, and what seems like the ability to read my mind...but I did! :)

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