Jason and Liz

Head Over Heels

J: Well, we met on OkCupid around December of 2009. Shortly thereafter, we exchanged numbers and we actually texted each other for about a month before we met. We'd send each other like two or three page text messages. Then we finally decided to meet at our local coffee bean.

L: We spoke for hours and the time flew by. From the very beginning it felt like we had known each other forever. I had never felt so comfortable on a first date! I'm guessing sometime around 11, we got kicked out of the place and we exchanged hugs. Later that night, I received a text saying: "You're a kind soul" and I knew he was a keeper!

J: Hmmm...Our first date was pretty awesome. I think it was good we spent a lot of time talking on OkCupid and texting because when we actually did meet we had a lot of things to talk about. As far as first impressions go, She was as advertised. Great smile, athletic, and smart. No baiting and switching..hahaha

L: I guess i'll confirm that he turned out to be exactly what he advertised himself to be as well! We went on a few more coffee dates, a date to the Ghiradelli chocolate factory and the most special date of all: Dinner on Valentine's day! :) I guess this should have been a hint that I would likely finally get a kiss but I decided to enjoy every moment of it. The meal was delicious, the conversation fun and the post dinner kiss went far beyond my expectations!!

J: Well, I guess I did make Liz suffer a bit. We had been on like three dates and no kisses :( . But I think it was better that we waited a little bit for that because Valentine's day after a sumptuous meal, under the stars couldn't be a better opportunity to steal a kiss, which is exactly what I did :). So, After "The big kiss" we officially started dating and it's been great. I guess every inkling of the 82% match matters because we are so compatible on so many levels. She's pretty much awesome, and the relationship feels effortless, which is why we've been dating for about 8 months strong now. And as of two weeks ago we moved into our splendid little one bedroom cottage here in Austin and couldn't be happier.

L:That about sums it up. I'm head over heels for my OkCupid boyfriend! :D

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