Brian and Kaisa

She Is My Joy

One day, bored and getting frustrated from a lack of success, I logged in and found a message from some lovely young woman in Estonia! We talked a little by message then chat here on OkCupid and kept liking each other more. We met a few months later in New York!! After dating another 8 months online she came to Pittsburgh where we lived together for 9 months and decided we were very much in love! She went home to Estonia and I followed her a couple weeks later where we were married 12 March of this year !! (2010) .. Without OkCupid we likely would have never met and fallen deep in love. Almost ALL the joy my life has had these last 2 years with my wife can be attributed to the fact that OkCupid made it possible and fun for us to meet. I am eternally grateful, as I am sure she is as well.

Thank you, deeply and sincerely... Thank you

Brian C.
Pittsburgh PA.

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