Jessica and Steve

Jumped Right In!

My husband is an engineer in an almost male dominated work-place. I am a teacher at an almost female dominated work-place. So, a few years ago, both of us decided to give the online dating thing a try.

At first I was a bit disappointed at my potential matches. At best, my match % was 76%. Then, one day, I get a message from a guy who had a match % of 94%. After a few weeks of chatting on-line, we decided to meet in person. We had lunch and ice-cream for our first date and the rest is history.

After a few weeks of dating, we heard a commercial for a sky diving place in San Marcos. We pledged to each other that if we were still together after one year, we would go sky diving. Alas, after a year, we were still together and the next thing we knew, we were jumping off an airplane thousands of feet above ground. After the jump, he proposed. We've been married for almost half a year and we are loving every moment.

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