Laura and Jony

Meant To Be

In a nutshell... it was instant-connection, love-like-in-the-movies, meant-to-be, holy-shit-this-is-so-crazy!!

I was his first date on OkCupid, after having joined about a week prior at the urging of a friend who'd had success on the sight.

He was probably my 50th date over the course of 4 years. I'd been pleased with my experience on OkCupid, having gotten 2 boyfriends, 2 close friends, and dozens of free meals/drinks out of my participation. But at the time we met I hadn't had a decent date in many many moons, and I was starting to go beyond disappointed to actually disgusted with dating.

We first pinged on a Thursday. I was in the middle of law school finals, with my toughest test coming up on Monday. For some reason I decided to meet this random guy for a drink on Saturday after having only chatted a couple times. (maybe it was that I was broke and could really use a drink)

First date Saturday. Second date Tuesday. Third date Friday. Fourth date Tuesday-Saturday. Yep, our fourth date lasted 72 hours!

Anyways, we got married Sunday. It was awesome.

Thanks OkCupid!

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