Manutwin20 and FaustinasChild


This seemed, on paper, to be an unlikely match: age difference, common interest difference, OkCupid match % difference. But difference aside, the one thing we have in common really makes our relationship work: chemistry!

My advice, if you are online looking for love: anything is possible if you give love a chance, and the only way to truly find that happiness is to meet someone in person to see if the chemistry is there. It's difficult to put your life story of a page or 2 on here or even just chatting online. Don't be afraid to meet. Once my match and I met we discovered we had more in common than what was on paper. We connected in so many different ways of communication that people don't think about usually. We discovered we had more in common than what we put on our profile.

So take that chance and meet in person!!! Good Luck!

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