Sean and Jill

We Were Skeptics...

We still laugh about how it all started. I sent her my generic message since I was terrible at making a personal first e-mail. I told her the usual, that I liked to cook, watch movies, and write poetry. She replied, sounding interested, but skeptical about the poetry. When I defensively sent her some of my work, her response was excited! We chatted through OkCupid and talked on the phone for a while until a month later we met for an ice cream date and walked along the river until sunset.

Even though our interests are not a complete match (she loves to make fun of my favorite movies), we are inseparable and as we approach our one-year anniversary, we are still as excited about each other as at those first dates.

We decided we wanted to share our story with OkCupid because as reluctant as we both were to online dating, we can't argue with the results! Thank you OkCupid for helping me find the woman I love!

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