Ellen and Russ

Don't Give Up!

Ellen's Story:

In late February/Early March, 2010 I was surprised to get an e-mail from a guy who was so local. I remember distinctly him stating "I liked everything in your profile except for the sarcasm. There is enough meanness in the world". It was nice to get a personal e-mail, but I was taken aback that my profile came across as anything other than what has been described as "dry British humor".

Of course I replied, as anyone who takes the time to draft a personal message deserved a reply. I thanked him for the reply, and I said that my sarcasm is not mean-spirited. He seemed receptive to my words. After an e-mail or two, we exchanged numbers. Russ erred on the side of caution perhaps in self-preservation, as Russ texted me like a madman. I texted him and said "You know, you could condense these texts and just call me." He seemed hesitant at first, but he called rather quickly. Russ was quite the talker! But we exchanged friendly banter and soon enough, we had plans to go to Manhattan for our first date.

On March 13, 2010 I met Russ on the train platform and we headed for NYC. I immediately noticed his nice smile and sweet disposition. We were never at a loss for words and we talked about our favorite haunting spots in the City. The chemistry was instant (for me). Once we arrived in Penn Station, he took me to lunch in the Meatpacking District then we went to several art galleries, as we both shared a love for the arts. After some culture, we proceeded to Chinatown for some "retail therapy". Then we had dinner, and headed back on the train for Long Island. The date didn't end there. We talked for hours once we arrived at our station. I saw Russ again the next day as well as the following day.

Russ and I saw a lot of each other after that. Magically, things quickly were falling into place. On August 12, 2010 Russ proposed. Who knew that I would be writing a success story on OK Cupid? I couldn't be happier.

Russ's Story:

The first time I met Ellen I was rather apprehensive after all, besides just a few phone calls and some texts I had no idea what to expect. I had never chatted online with a stranger, much less spoken to one on the phone now I was about to meet her in person!

I didnt know anything about her but her OkCupid name. Anything could have happened but only one thing did happen: we had the most wonderful day. She kept my interest all day and she has done so ever since. I dont know what I would do without her in my life. Never did I expect an online gimmick to become the beginning of a whole new life. It all started with a single text, and now I have a future wife I love very much. Dreams do come true, and OkCupid can help...DON'T GIVE UP!!!

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