Bryan and Callie

Wrong Name, Right Match

Everything worked out just peerrrfect.

My girlfriend and I met on OkCupid. She lived in Falls Church, VA, and I lived in Hagerstown, MD. Callie is a woman who has lots of girlfriends and they do girl-type activities in different towns. So when she was looking through OkCupid when she found me, even though I was listed in from Hagerstown, MD, because it was the town where one of her best friends lived. Callie showed my profile to her friend and the friend insisted that Callie meet me at least once. The first time we met was Feb. 28th, the day of her Hagerstown book club meeting.

She arranged to come up early so we could have a afternoon date. About the time I was going to meet Callie I decided to go to a antique store to check out and kill time til the date. As I walked out the door and got back to my truck I was got a phone call from Callie. She told me that she had just passed me and saw me at the antique store. We continued talking as I went to our meeting place (her best friend's husband's restaurant).

When I got out of the truck, Callie got out of a car with herself and five of her lady friends. Callie introduced be to her five friends and she did by the wrong name (whoops). But we all went in and had a drink for a few minutes and then Callie and I went to the Hagerstown City Park. There we took a walk, examined the Art Museum and out door train museum, as well as the community Art Musuem. We had a great time, and since that first date we have moved in together and travel and have had a great new life.

Our house is a mix of all the things each of us like. We have a theme house with a western saloon in our basement, a colonial dining room, inspirational kitchen, mid ummer eve fairies and statues, an angel bathroom on the main floor and a Wizard of Oz on the third floor. The outside is made up of gardens for Callie and a vegetable garden for me.

Our life together is perfect.

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