Julia and Daniel

Thank You OkCupid!

Daniel and I were a long-shot. Neither of us thought we'd meet someone online and fall in love. He was interested in the statistics of this site, while I just wanted some comfort and confidence. We found so much more in OkCupid.

We found in each other a best friend, lover and a hand to hold when things get tough. It's been three years of laughter, stupid fights and wonderful kisses. He is the coffee and I am the cream. Although on the surface we don't seem like the perfect couple(I'm short he's tall, I'm light he's dark, I'm a book-worm he's a gamer, etc.) when it comes right down to it we "get" each other in all the right ways. I always wanted to be someone's muse, but instead I found a muse of my own.

Thanks, OkCupid, for helping me find a genuine, witty, playful, sincere man-child who helps me be the best person I can be! Can I keep him?

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