Mahalia and Ryan

...and we lived happily ever after!

After I spotted his profile on OkCupid, I thought he was cute and was reassured by the fact he said he loved his family and intrigued by a claim that he had once eaten an entire tub of cream cheese. I signed up as kind of an experiment, and immediately after exchanging messages and making a plan to meet, I deleted my profile.

Ryan had just moved to town to start a new job at a local brewery and didn't know anyone, and I was on the rebound...or so I thought. I was still a grad student at the time, and I was really impressed on our first meeting by his passion for his career. He seemed to have such a clear vision of his future, that I couldn't help but entertain the possibility that maybe, just maybe, we might have one together. Also he was as cute as his picture and as funny as his profile, so we made plans to meet again.

Nine months later, he proposed to me in the rain in his parents' driveway right before a wedding we were in town for.

One and a half years later we were married at a charming plantation house in an outdoor wedding on one of the most beautiful, clear spring days in the history of spring days.

At this point we have been married for eight months and have gone expat together and are living on a small island in Denmark with our chug puppy, Hamburglar.

...and we lived happily ever after.

Thanks, OKCupid!

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