Russell and Kate

Nerds Of A Kind

I sent a simple comment saying "you seem pretty rad". Kate responded and we corresponded for a week or so and then decided to meet for dinner. Our first date was amazing, we went to Rutabegorz in Tustin, CA. After dinner we walked around old town talking about everything. By far the best conversation I have ever had. We went back to her place and put on a movie. It turns out we have a matching taste in all media. Her record collection made me salivate and her movie collection made me giggle. We were nerds of a kind! We stayed up until 4am talking. On my ride home I called my brother to tell him about Kate. During that call I mentioned that I could marry her and now a year and a half later we are engaged. OkCupid definitely worked for us and I recommend it to all my off beat friends. Bars have never been my scene and I'm glad OkCupid was there to connect Kate and I. Meeting her has been the single greatest thing in my life.


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