Justin and Millie

She Is That Perfect Someone For Me

I was about to delete my profile after 4 years on here with NO luck... I decided I'd give it one more week and actually sent out several more messages. She responded. It was the first real reply I'd gotten in almost a year. We messaged a bit, but at some point her account got hacked and someone was messaging people with insulting comments, changing her profile to make her seem like a horrible person, and trying to ruin her conversations with people. I saw through it and just kept messaging her. Eventually she friended me on Facebook and we chatted a bit, but lost touch shortly after due to her going through a divorce issue. (I was going through one myself, so I completely understood.) At one point, we got back into talking again, and we finally went out on our first date. It was like we had known each other for years. We felt so comfortable with each other and everything about the relationship was perfect. I truly believe she is that perfect someone for me, and from what I gather, she thinks the same of me. Thank you OkCupid for bringing us together.

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