Abby and Kyle

A new story

Kyle and I didn't share any sort of amazing love story or any romantic dates really. Kyle had sent me a simple message saying hello and asking how life was. I fell in love with his eyes,saw his cute sly smile and decided to respond (which I rarely did)! I had told him that life was pretty good and how I really had great things going but just seemed a little empty which was why I was on this site. Didn't know if I wanted a relationship or to just maybe find myself a bit more. I was completely skeptical about dating online let alone MEETING someone from the internet!! Kyle and I only swapped a few messages online, and soon we were texting. I couldn't talk on the phone though, I was VERY nervous! After several hours of texting, I took a chance and he called. We spent about the next week talking from mid afternoon to about 5 in the morning! We talked about anything and everything and I just found myself full of smiles. I didn't think it would ever be what it is today nor did he. We met up at a park that was half way for both of us and I had brought my friend Kenzie (a girl can never be too careful!) and we hung out. He brought his yellow bike which matched my yellow car (another reason which I decided to talk to him)! Right away he made a move kissing me and pulling me around. I hated it! He was nothing that I wanted but I still felt this pull to him. I made him mad as well since I wasn't like the other girls who always gave in. I was stubborn unlike anyone else he had met. We talked for a few days, decided to try dating long distance (as he lived bout 2 hrs from me) but soon my new summer job as a director got in the way and we fell apart. I told him I was unsure and was so busy and he flipped and completely dropped any communication with me. I was hurt, but thought he wasn't even worth chasing. I still was thinking of him time to time. Tried a few texts here and there but was ignored. I really missed talking to him at the end of my busy work days. Missed counting on him. After a few weeks of not talking, I got the nerve to call and he actually answered. I told him that I had been thinking a lot about him and wondered if we could go out as friends and catch up but he made up some story about leaving the state for family and how he wouldn't be around. All summer it went off and on, but we both were driving ourselves crazy. Once I finished in August, I went to visit him and he fell apart. He held me tight, told me how much he cared about me and he really wanted me in his life again and asked if we could just give it one more shot which he never had EVER done with any girl. We have been together through it all since for about 7 months and I have NEVER been so happy! In late September he gave me a promise ring and come May 2010 we plan to marry! I couldn't imagine anyone more perfect for me... He is my best friend, he makes me laugh, challenges me and most of all loves me for everything. He supports my schooling, pushes me when I need to be pushed, and he sees the beauty in me on my ugliest and meanest days. Thanks to, I have found my knight in shining armor that I once thought I had only dreamed of!

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