Molly and Nate

The Coolest Guy I Ever Met

"You're really hot and your profile made me giggle. That's all, no response needed if you don't want."

That little message got me talking to the coolest guy I've ever met. I wasn't looking for anything serious, I had been broken in a past relationship and was just enjoying flirting and being playful with different people. I saw his picture and thought, whoa. I tell him, to this day, I didn't really expect a reply. We talked for hours that first night and I told him I was just going to come kidnap him the next afternoon.

The meeting: I stepped out of the car as he walked closer. I looked down at my shoes then back up and he was in reaching distance. We both awkwardly stepped around each other and I laughed about how I had gotten lost trying to find his place. We stopped off at the store to get a few things and I waited in the car while he and my roommate went inside. When we got to my apartment we got out of the car and looked at each other for a little bit in silence. I just kept thinking, omgsocute! He smiled from ear to ear and said, "So do you want to hug me?" I nearly jumped on him but I just blushed and said, "Yeah I would." That first night I just stared at him and giggled.

We've been together almost 3 months now I can't even remember what my life was like before he came along. We play World of Warcraft together and laugh at stories we tell each other about how crazy our families are.

Thank you OkCupid, I've found my true love. <3

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