Jon and Kristi

We Have Her Sister To Thank

Actually, we first started talking by me insulting her! She had visited my profile a few times and I messaged her to tell her how rude it was to visit someone's site and not say anything to them. After that, we talked about the little things in life for a couple weeks, then we exchanged phone numbers so that I could text her while she was at work.
Oddly enough, we have her sister to thank for our first meeting. She was so nervous when I told her "You need to get out more, so that's why you'll go out with me sometime next week." that she couldn't respond. Her older sister wrestled the phone out of her hand and texted me back "Friday works".
We were both SO nervous when we first met. She actually drove around my block once before actually getting out of her car! She's such a dork, but I love her.
Now we're seriously talking about marriage and the chemistry is just amazing. I never thought that online dating worked in reality, but we managed to make it work, I guess. The percentage match rating isn't very accurate, in my opinion, but without this site we never would have met.

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