Lana and Anthony

I Moved For Him

I was in Oklahoma. A cute guy in California was checking out my profile so I checked his out. He had the cutest story about beating the Legend of Zelda as his bio. He had a cocky little comment about women masturbating to his photos after reading the profile. I couldn't help myself, I wrote him a message and asked if I really had to wait until the end of the profile for that part.

Next thing I know we were chatting and talking on webcam. This guy was halfway across the country so I didn't think anything would come of it. Eventually we started talking about meeting, snf I spent my Spring Break with him in California. After I came back I thought that this relationship might be what I want. He and I both knew that an LDR wouldn't work, so I offered to move to California. I withdrew from my summer class and he came to get me. I packed my stuff up, got rid of what I could and the rest went into my parent's garage. He drove me and my stuff in a huge moving van 1400 miles so I could be with him. A year and a half later we are still together and still happy.

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