Stesah and Drew

Stormy Weather

In the month between the time we met and the time we began dating, neither of us got much sleep. We'd spend all night talking, then go to work or classes, and then get back online to talk to each other again. The night before our official "first date", we ended up staying up all night watching Monty Python videos on Youtube on my college dorm bed. He had to leave at six in the morning to get back in time for work, but the weather was awful. We had our first kiss outside his car in the middle of a snowstorm. I ended up going back to his town with him that morning, and it got so bad we had to pull over and wait for two hours in the snow before a friend could pick us up!

Neither of us were the type of people who thought online dating would ever work. Now we're getting married. Thank you, OkCupid; you brought me the love of my life.

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