Shane and Laura

He Stood Out

Laura and I had a 65% match, but it turned out to be a fifteen MILLION percent match in real life. I knew that somebody as beautiful as Laura would be recieving more than a few messages a day, so I knew my opening message HAD to be different. In mine, I mentioned that I wasn't a convicted stalker and the fact I wanted a snake - I think it worked.

After a few messages, conversation moved to a popular social networking site. Laura wrote on said site that she needed a cage to keep rats in, so remembering I had an old chipmunk cage in the shed outside, I was quite happy to give it to her - and there was the added bonus that she'd have to meet me in person to get it. So she gave me her phone number.

After exchanging text messages and phone calls for a while, we arranged to meet in Birmingham. We met in the shopping centre there, where we looked in a model shop and exchanged geek knowledge. After an hour or so, Laura asked if I'd like to go back with her to the barbecue she was having with a few friends that night. I agreed, and drove her home.

We really clicked, and although it sounds like a cliche, it felt like we'd known each other forever. After a couple of weeks of pretty much not being apart, we became "official" on the aforementioned popular social networking site. There was a bit of a debate between us as to whether this meant we were official in real life or not, but I managed to talk her 'round.

We're now completely in love with each other, and we would like to thank Tim Berners-Lee for inventing the internet, and you guys at OkCupid for inventing... OkCupid.

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