Melissa and Mike

My Dork In Shining Armor

We met on OKCupid... of course. I was online and Mike was saved as one of my Favorites... I just never messaged him before, and that night I decided, what the heck, when I saw that he was online. I sent him a message and we chatted a bit, and I thought he seemed pretty sweet so, I gave him my number (thought it was worth a shot). He apparently "lost" my number? But emailed me his screen name so we could chat a little more.

We talked on the phone once or twice, but mainly chatted online for a few weeks. One day he asked if I would like to go to a movie with him and a few friends... I was a little shy and told him I would have to atleast meet him by himself first so, we decided on dinner before going to see the movie. We found out that we had so much in common during dinner, and we just hit it off. I felt like I was with a long time friend, and not on a first date. We laughed and chatted the whole time, there was no akward silence. We went out on another date, and apparently we were both feeling that the other person was someone we wanted to be with, but didn't want to ruin things. By July 4th we finally admitted our feelings and decided that we didn't want to see anyone else.

On August 29, 2009 Mike took me on a beautiful trip to Annapolis, Maryland. We walked around the historic part a little bit, took a two hour ride on a schooner(sailboat), and took me to a beautiful dinner with seats that over looked the boats on the harbor. As we arrived home I could tell he was nervous. Evidentally, he was trying to pop the question the whole day, but each and every time something ruined his big moment. He got down on one knee and proclaimed how perfect we were for one another... I, of course, said YES!

A 2012 wedding is planned... he wanted it to be the day the world will end, but I refuse. I have always stated that if there was ever a success story page for OkCupid that we would have to be apart of it. I am SO happy that they now have one.... THANK YOU OKCUPID for bringing me my dork in shinning armor ;)

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