Steven and Kristi

Big Screen Love

Kristi and I had both recently been through relationships that were less than ideal and, as luck would have it, we both decided to use your site.

I had sent a message to Kristi but knew there was little chance she might respond simply because her profile picture was absolutely beautiful. Well sure enough weeks and months went by with no response, and I threw up my hands in defeat and moved on. On April 26th, 2009, I went to check my account and a message was waiting for me. It was from Kristi! I quickly opened it and was relieved to find out why she hadn't responded. She didn't have a computer of her own.

Thankfully, she had a friend who let her use their computer. We quickly exchanged phone numbers as a way to stay in contact. And we couldn't stop talking to each other and she wouldn't stop laughing. She said her cheeks were so sore from smiling so much. I know it seems fast but two days later, she wanted to meet me and I wanted to meet her. So I gathered up my desktop computer, my LCD TV and headed over to her place. After setting up the heavy entertainment equipment I had brought, we watched "Step Brothers". Even though I had to be sweaty she still sat rather close to me. According to her I couldn't keep my eyes off her. Half way through the movie I moved in for a kiss, and believe it or not she didn't immediately deck me. Instead, she kissed me right back.

Fast forward past the next couple of dates to our one month anniversary. I bought her a blue topaz necklace from Riddles Jewelry here locally and immediately presented her with the new shiny gift. I said "Happy one month anniversary! This gift is so that you can have a piece of me with you at all times." (Blue topaz is my birthstone).

Fast forward: four months into dating, I came up with a plan of proposal. I am a graphic designer for the local movie theater here, and I asked my boss if I could use the big screen to propose to my girlfriend. I made a special presentation that was put on before the trailer of our movie, and I even got her cousin to come to town (she lives four hours away) to take pictures.

The movie (Land of the Lost) was about to begin and -boom- the animation I had made for her came up on the screen. I got down on one knee (almost rolled down the aisle) and asked if she would marry me.

She, of course, said "Yes!".

So that's when the wedding planning commenced! Currently, we have picked a date (May 29th, 2010!), our cake, our venue for the wedding and reception, and even the DJ. The rest of the planning is cake from here on out.

I want to end our story with saying that without, I might never have met my one true soul mate. I look forward to growing old with and I love every waking moment I am with her. You have truly found my match. Thank you.

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