Sarah and Martin

My Fairytale

Martin was the first to make a move. Sort of lol! He looked at my page first and i looked back. We did that back and forth stalking thing for about a couple days until i finally wrote him a message asking him if he was ever going to say or just keep stalking my page! lol He wrote back with a smiley and said he was, but i had a feeling he might not have. We messaged a lot that day. He was at work and using his phone, so he said he would talk later because it would be easier. I of course said OK, gave him my number, only expecting him to just message me on here again. He text me like 5 minutes later!! We were texting all day and he would call and talk to me at night. I felt so comfortable with him. He asked me out on a date, obviously i said yes. He was such a gentle man and the date was amazing! We hung out again the next day and the following. About 4 days after our first date our connection was SOOO there and i asked what this might be. He said he wants it to be exclusive and we were a couple!! This September will be 6 months. We are so in love and happy its almost a fairytale! This is proof that you can find your other half online, especially on OkCupid!

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