Douglas and Pam

Love of a Good Message

I saw Pam's profile the week she registered and was pretty immediately smitten. I admit I was pretty intimidated by her beauty -- the 12-year age difference didn't make approaching her any easier. It took about a month to work up the courage...

On my way out to a birthday party in Brooklyn, I felt the spirit move me and jotted out a quick and fun hello, joking that I'd misread her "love of a good massage" as a "...good message" (I had recently graduated from massage school in the city). I suggested that we might take a walk in Central Park sometime in the near future.

While also skeptical of the age difference, she was intrigued. She started IMing me the next morning and we spent pretty much all of our free time keeping each other company over the tubes. A job interview brought her into the city the following week, and we had our first date at a little Thai restaurant near the bus terminal so she could catch her ride home -- a short first date with a definitive deadline is pretty interesting. It removes a good portion of the unspoken anxiety usually present when facing that first awkward goodbye.

A few museum dates followed on the subsequent weekends (along with a couple highly trained massages) and the romance began to brew. We spent our weekdays chatting online at any given opportunity until one of us finally dropped off to sleep and enjoyed each other's company during the weekends.

Pam's job hunt in the city finally bore fruit after many months of frustration and I naturally asked her to come live with me. Our one-year anniversary was a month ago and neither of us can really believe how lucky we still feel to have found each other.

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