scarlett and david

I Knew He Was Special

We went bowling on our first date, and I had little hope that we'd hit it off. I figured we might just be friends. Then after bowling we went to my favorite hangout in our city. Things started to change in my mind and as the hours passed we connected and I could sense his desire to kiss me. It was so cute because he was so shy, but he finally got the courage and my heart just leapt.

It was that exact moment I knew he was special and I didn't want to date anyone else. From that night on we talked constantly and spent as much time together doing anything we could together. On February 4th we made it an exclusive relationship and shortly after moved in together. We have since gotten engaged and are to get married September 4, 2010. It all began from a simple email on OkCupid and I'm so happy you guys created a free site that offers so much.

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