Toya and Bruce

Accidental Love

I can't even recall how I got bumped over to OKCupid, but I seem to recall it being facebook (I may have that wrong!). At any rate, I wasn't *really* interested in meeting someone, but OKC caught my attention because of the quizzes and match question setup. It is utterly brilliant! I promptly set out to do quizzes and answer questions just for the fun of it.

I made a wonderful new friend on the site (malice604) from another city, who - after slogging my way through a number of less subtle guys just looking to get laid - was like a breath of fresh air. Because of him, I continued checking in to OKCupid from time to time. Malice604 gave me hope that there *WERE* decent guys around! (Thank you again, S! *HUGS*)

On June 18, 2008, I discovered an 8 day old email informing me that I had a new OKC message from a local man who's username was brucefur. His message was clever, concise and well written, he came across as intelligent and well read, and he made a valiant effort to answer my 'bonus points' question in my profile. I messaged him back, providing my email address, with which he promptly found me on Facebook. We chatted on there for 3 weeks before we met in person. We had already shared so much that there was no awkwardness, no uncomfortable silences. We walked, we talked, we got rained on... lol

A few days later, he went out of town to work, and was slated to be gone for 3 weeks. Neither of us could stand the extended time apart. After running our cell phones ragged texting, we decided to meet halfway. On July 18, we spent our first night together, and have been inseparable ever since. We bought a house in September of 2008, and were married on October 31, 2009 in a full Halloween Masquerade Ball, complete with haunted house and coffin shaped favours.

Ours is not a relationship without difficulties (obviously), but this man is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I have OKCupid to thank for bringing us together.

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