Jodie and Marc

My Lad

Well our little love story started off in rather a boring fashion with me messaging him saying 'Sorry just had to message you, your profile made me giggle :)' but then again how many people on here have a message that says 'You should message me if: You want too, are curious. Or because the Giant rubber pants command you to do so.' Although if i remember correctly i did wink at him first. He was just gorgeous, and i mean i've seen a fair few, granted good looking guys on here, but when i saw Marc i couldn't look away! I hadn't even met the guy and already i was thinking of our future together (i know sad right lol).

Well we spoke for a few days as i was at work at the time, so we just chatted over OkCupid and MSN and then decided to meet. Well i finished work on the 9th June and would be driving home from my assignment, so we decided to meet that night, baring in mind i live in Gloucester and Marc lives 50mins away in Birmingham. So heres me all ready to go home, panicing on the drive because i have a date, texting everyone i can saying about said date and trying to get tips. So i finally get home and get ready (the best i can anyway) get in the car and make the trip to Marc's house where he is apparently waiting for me, standing outside his house waving me in.

So i turn up in Marc's area and low and behold there is a guy standing there a dressing gown....topless....wearing bald as the day he was born....and about 50 years old lol. So heres me panicing thinking 'Christ that can't be him he looks nothing like his picture' so i text Marc again and said where i was and that i couldn't see him, and could he wave me in again. So i did another circle of the area and low and behold there was that creepy looking guy again. So heres me thinking 'crap i've gone and got the weirdo' so i said to Marc to meet me by the local One Stop Shop, cause as harsh as it sounds if he was that scary looking guy i could leg it before he saw me (sorry but this guy was REALLY scary looking), so there i waited, and waited, and waited lol and was looking around when i spotted this really good looking lad walking towards the shop.

Well i didn't think anything of him cause for one he had long dark, gorgeous, beautiful hair and he looked like a really gothic lad, whereas the pics on here of Marc don't and his hair is shortish, but god was this kid handsome and i felt quite ashamed cause here i was coming to go on a date with a lad i hadn't met yet and here i was staring at some random stranger walking along the road....towards my car. Well i can tell you my heart stopped. It WAS Marc! and OMG he was drop dead sexy. He got in my car and we drove to his house (which is in a really hard place to find by car �_�) and i met Kane his dog and then we went for a Steak meal at the Old Crown near his house, and this is where the fun started.

We were sat minding our own business happily chatting away and eating our Steak when all of a sudden the lights went down, thinking nothing of it me and Marc had a giggle that it was 'Mood lighting' and couldn't stop giggling, then the climax of the night was really, really loudly over the kareoke system we hadn't spotted behind us came the song 'Love is in the air' and that was it, we were hooked to eachother i couldn't stop laughing and neither could he lol.

After we finally had enough of the singing we headed back to his place and watched some Invader Zim and basically chilled out together chatting away, but as it got later and later he decided to let me stay the night, well me being a bit of a prude decided to stay in my clothes during the night but still shared his double bed with him lol, and i felt safe for the first time in years :).

And to be honest the rest is history, he asked me out the next day and i said YES! and although we've had some very rough times, we are getting stronger and stronger by the day. Then on the (insert date) Marc proposed to me, with a handmade ring ladies! Yes it wasn't expensive and it was made out of fuse wire and a piece of stone he had in the cupboard, but that ring means more to me than any present i will ever recieve for the rest of my life, it is the best symbol of love i have ever had. Although due to it being so fragile he brought be a proper one but even that was pretty inexpensive but still very, very beautiful :) and his ring kicks ass as well :)

All i have to say to any ladies and lads out there who are wondering if they will ever find someone, you will. Me and Marc had both given up ever finding someone to be happy with, and now i have the most beautiful, handsome, gorgeous, caring, kind, perfect fiance i could ever want, a doppy dog, and a home i never had before. Both of us were fallen for one reason or another and both of us were broken, but together we are whole and we are family. And i will love and squiggle (don't ask lol) Marc until the day i draw my last breath and beyond that x

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