Millie and Marc

In love at all costs

The moment I saw Marc's profile I knew he was special. He had that arrogant, but still very cute attitude and I really, really liked him. I sent him a message and he replied. We talked over IMs a couple of times, and after the 10th time I spent over 4 hours ON THE COMPUTER talking to him, I realized that it was time to exchange numbers. We started texting, and texting and texting and itwas pretty obvious that we're, somehow, meant to be.

We went on a date and talked until the bar closed. Then we walked around the crowded streets of NY and we didn't want this date to end. Unfortunately, I received a very disturbing call from my sister. She told me that my mother's in a coma and that I need to come, which was terrible. And, did I mention that they live in Harrisburg, PA? I told Marc to leave, because I didn't want to make him go through that, but, we shared a long, long cab ride ( I'm surprised the cab even agreed to give us a ride). Then he kissed me ( for the first time) and he told me that everything is going to be all right. I felt so safe in his arms. I didn't want to leave the cab and face the reality.

He spent 2 days in Harrisburg with me. Fortunately, my mother got better and everything was back to normal.

When we got back to NY we went on a couple of more dates, but, after everything we've been through, dates weren't necessary anymore. We met each other's friends and start spending more and more time together. I'm moving in with him in October and I really can't wait. :)

I know that all of this sounds so cheesy and so, so, unreal, but, it is real. And beautiful. I really, really LOVE him.

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