Molly and Adam

Calla Lily Love

Adam listed his instant messenger screen name in his profile (back before OkCupid had it's own chat app) and it was actually his IM icon that got us talking. It was a calla lily. I messaged him and told him that I loved calla lilies and from there we just kept talking every day. After a month of chatting back and forth into the wee hours of the morning, we decided to meet in person.

He lived on the University of Maryland campus, 45 minutes away. We spent our first date taking the subway into Washington DC and just walking around the city, looking at all the monuments and talking. We got dinner in China Town, and saw a movie. The whole date lasted 10 hours.

From there, we saw each other every weekend for 2 years, trading off who would make the 45 minute drive and falling in love slowly. On Christmas Eve 2006 Adam proposed, and I said, "YES!".

We moved in together in September 2007 and married January 5th 2008 in a beautiful wedding. We bought our first house this past August and are living happily in my home town with our two cats.

Thanks, OkCupid. We would never have found each other without you.

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