Tegan and Sarah

Yes, Seriously.

Sarah didn't even pass my message filters when she IM'ed me, but her cheesy pick-up lines hooked me instantly. Our first convo consisted of marriage proposals, Madonna, sandwiches, and possibly getting lost in my cavernous vagina... haha. We exchanged phone numbers and talked steadily for a couple weeks until we decided to try a long distance relationship. As soon as I met her at the airport, I new she was exactly what I've been looking for. She visited me one more time before I convinced her to move here. My life has been perfect ever since. I want to thank okcupid for giving two people, who live 800 miles away, the opportunity to start a new life together.

The first time I talked to Tegan I was completely drawn in. I mean come on... Tegan and Sarah? Doesn't that make us like lesbian royalty or something? Anyway, like I was saying, I was bored one lonely cold night in Colorado just checking out some profiles when I came across this beautiful girl. I glimpsed at her photos and knew I had to try a few of my pick-up lines. Worked like a charm. After one conversation she completely had me. We talked frequently and exchanged phone numbers. We talked everyday and fell asleep over the phone every night until we finally met. My heart was pounding in the airport, but the second I saw her beautiful face, I knew I had to have her in my life from that point on. My first visit passed so fast. When I returned to Colorado my only objective was finding more ways to make our two lives come together. After continuing our long distance relationship I decided to make one more trip to Nevada focusing on the long term. In August, I took the big leap, leaving everything in Colorado behind to be with the girl I am completely in love with. Taking that chance was the best thing I have ever done. Since being together, I feel like I have found everything I ever wanted. I am so completely in love and couldn't be happier. I want to thank okcupid for helping me find such an amazing girl. And for anyone out there reading this... INTERNET AND LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS CAN WORK.

Oh, and you know those commercials where it's all like, "THIS WILL BE, AN EVERLASTING LOVE!" We want one.

Many thanks,
Tegan and Sarah

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