Jennifer and Jeremy

I Had Such A Good Feeling...

Well, in the beginning, I was skeptical. I just didn't think that I was ready to hop right into another relationship. But then, one day, I was bored and I logged onto OkC, and I was playing with the search, and I decided to plug in the name of the college I attended. Three results popped up, so I decided to message all of them. One guy replied, and it happened to be Jeremy.

I read over his profile, and he seemed like an interesting guy. We exchanged a few messages and decided to swap IM names as well. Well, we instantly hit it off! We would talk for hours over the instant messaging services. Three days after meeting him online and talking to him, I decided to meet him in person. Normally, I would never ever meet someone that fast, but as sappy as this sounds, but I had such a good feeling about him. After meeting for coffee, we continued meeting each week and hanging out, and (finally!) in November of 2008, we decided to make it official, and we started dating.

Neither of us have ever been happier, and we most definitely couldn't live without each other. On February 14th, Valentine's Day 2009, he asked me to marry him!! I know some might say that that's pretty fast, but we know that we're meant to be, and we can't wait to tie the knot next year on May 1st!

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