Yves and Dan

A new story

Where to begin? I guess with the first time we met. It was a rainy day and it was already dark out. I had been Christmas shopping the whole day and had a dozen bags was waiting down one of AT&T's huge network tower. We just met to get coffee at a French cafe around Hell's Kitchen and we immediately got along. It's funny sometimes you just know and with Dan I did know. After getting to hang out with him a couple times, I knew he was the one. I thought that a guy like him would never come my way, that true soul mates do not exist. Well OKCupid, you proved me wrong! And I thank you for it. We are now about to move in together and I cannot wait to be by him every morning for the rest of my life. And yes everytime I pass by the AT&T building I do have a big smile on my face and realize that I am pretty lucky!

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