Morgan and Rob

A Monster Match

I had been on OkCupid for quite a while, about a year and a half, before he messaged me. Of all the guys that had contacted me in that time, Rob's definitely stood out. He wrote, "Hi. My name is Rob. I make monsters and sell books." Not the usual greeting.

Ever since our wonderful first meeting, dinner and 5 hours of conversation, we haven't missed a day seeing each other. It will be 15 months on the 29th. We always tell people, "It must be meant to be because (s)he hasn't killed me yet." ^_^

But as his first message stated, he does indeed make monsters out of clay. I, being a film graduate with an interest in animation, quickly discovered that our passions, clay and film, could be easily combined. We have made one 6 minute short together that has shown in film festivals and are in the planning stages of our second and much more elaborate animation.

I just really wanted to thank your site for helping me find not only my love and partner for life but also someone I can share my creativity and passions for art with.

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