Chris and Naysha

Idaho and Canada!

Like most people I know, I was a skeptic about online dating. I mean, we've all heard the horror stories. But I've changed my mind and tell all my singles friends about OkCupid. I met my wife on OKCupid because of the matches that were sent to me. If not for them, I'd have never thought to look in the United States. (I am from Canada and she is from Idaho.)

She was only the second person I emailed. After a few days she emailed me back and from there we started up a great email conversation. We emailed for over a month before she gave me her phone number, and after that we hardly stopped talking. We decided to meet in March. I came down to Idaho for four days. We had an instant connection from the moment we first started emailing but meeting her in person amplified that connection. Because we were both open and honest about who we were, meeting wasn't a huge ordeal. We had a great week together. Before I left we had already made plans for her to come up to Canada and visit in June.

We couldn't wait till June so we planned a trip to Great Falls, where we would both meet half way. We definitely fell more in love over that weekend. When she came to Canada she fell in love with my town. We decided she should come stay for the winter to make sure she really liked it. So a year to the day that we met she moved to Canada. We new we were meant for each other and were ready to settle down. We married August 22nd, 2009 in Idaho, and now reside in Canada. We are extremely happy and owe it all to OkCupid... without this site we would have never met.

We both feel like we've met our soul mate. Thank you OKCUPID!

Chris and Naysha

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