Allegra and Nick

No need to hold your breath

After having unsuccessful attempts, that although formed friendships but was not exactly what we were looking for, we somehow found each other. I was close to disabling my profile at the time, when on quickmatch I found Nick. He sounded interesting, and was cute and I decided to give it one last shot, so I sent him a wink. We talked for a few days quite casually, and then I was having a bad day and decided I wanted to do something spontaneous so we decided to meet. I actually stood him up, because I was sleeping, I felt bad but if he had not called I probably would not have woken up. Hearing his message, excited me, he sounded so nice and genuine, I decided to wake up and go meet him.

It took a while for me to get there because of traffic so when I arrived he had gone to another place walking around. I sat on a chair and told him I arrived. I saw him and he actually walked passed me! He greeted me, and at the time he had bangs that covered his eyes so he had to do an awkward hairflip to be able to make eye contact. The second we introduced ourselves, I felt something electrical rush through my body. A tingling somewhat like when a limb falls asleep, and then a sort of lightness that although made me nauseous continued to flow through my body giving me some sort of ecstatic energy. We walked over to an art show that his school was having, walked around and then I asked to see his place. We watched television online, and played child icebreaker games. Eventually we kissed, and it was cold so we went to bed, talked and fell asleep (yes we actually just slept!). We continued to go on dates, and every time we hung out I stayed over at his place. There was something about each other that we felt so comforted by.

This blossomed into an amazing friendship, and relationship. Even though we had only been together for 2 weeks, he brought me along to his family's Thanksgiving. I usually hate holidays, but this was the best one yet! We continued to have adventures together, celebrate even our monthly anniversaries.

The spontaneous combustion of energy I felt when we first laid eyes on each other, never ceases to exist. I always wonder, if we would have ever cross paths if I had not sent him that wink, considering that Los Angeles is my hometown, but that he was only here for college. I also wonder what my life was like before I met him. Even though it has only been a year, it seems like I have known him forever. I have never met someone so understanding, compassionate, interesting, intelligent, funny, and handsome. I would tell him when I was a kid and even into my adolescence whenever I went through tunnels I would wish for someone exactly like him. He then told me, "Well you don't have to hold your breath anymore..."

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