Eric and Christina

OkCupid was our "springboard"

Christina found me, as I showed up on her screen as a possible match. I had found that I had more success being honest on my profile (rather than filling it with bragging), and when she read it, she sent me an email which was so refreshingly honest and sweet that I had to correspond with her. I don't believe in "vetting" someone through email, so I suggested that we talk on the phone right away. A short call turned into a wonderful conversation about where we were in our own lives.

We agreed to meet at a cafe-style restaurant and sat and talked on their patio until long after it closed. At this point, it wasn't a romance, but a great friendship was being built. We immediately followed up with some hiking and biking day trips. It was obvious that we shared the same spirit of adventure.

To keep this short, we met in July of 2007 and in October of 2008, we traveled to Japan... where I proposed to her at the top of the holy mountain, Nantai (after a grueling 4 hour hike straight up). We became married on June 28 this year.

If this helps anyone, I used this site as a "springboard" to meet women in person. Life is too short to exchange dozens of emails before you meet. More than 80% of human communication is non-verbal so you will only learn the important details when you are face-to-face. Good luck to everyone!

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