Holly and Elizabeth

We dated frequently over the next month, and then we called it official. We've been together for over a year, and we're planning to get married. We still can't believe that we found each other, and so glad that OK Cupid brought us together! Read more »

Adam and Theresa

This is a fairytale romance, and it will be a fairytale marriage. Read more »

Jennifer and Taylor

I am the happiest with him I have been in a long time. He treats me amazingly, and I know everyday I have with him is the luckiest day of my life... Read more »

Arianne and Erik

During the fall of 2009 we reconnected (again through OkCupid)-- shortly afterward I moved to the US, and we were married on Po'olenalena beach on Maui in July 2010. Read more »

Justina and Ben

We fell in love instantly and hard. Read more »

Heather and Kristian

Until I met Kristian, I've never been in a relationship where I felt so loved and accepted and felt that I can truly be myself. Read more »

Sean and Jessica

I had to come down for school business and I took her out to dinner. When I went back up north we started talking 24/7 and couldn't get enough of talking to each other. Read more »

Steph and Ryan

He played it a little cool; I honestly didn't think he was that in to me. He was though and he was unlike any other guys I'd met before (clearly OkCupid's matching system is on the mark because we get along crazy well). Read more »

Mollie and Matthew

After a few months his dorkiness started to grow on me and in March 2009 we started dating. Read more »

Adam and Sylvie

After our first date, I never bothered even to message another girl, and last month I proposed. Read more »

Sheena and Joshua

It has been more than six months after Joshua and I met, and I couldn't be any happier than I am now! Read more »

Savanna and Aris

We hung out at the mall one day because we both needed to get some stuff, and soon after we were basically inseparable. Read more »

Nicole Reid and Carlos Ku

thank you OkCupid you brought us together, we have been dating for 2 years :) Read more »

Natrina and Philip

We were everything and more compared to what we stated in our profiles and questions we soon came to find out. Read more »

Julianna and Ben

We are planning to move to San Francisco this fall, where we can both be more true to who we are, and more true to how we know and love one another. We have just embarked on the first leg of our journey by joining our lives, and it's all thanks to this site! Read more »