Michelle and Russell

Russ is the sweetest, most generous, most handsome, most amazing/fantastic man I have ever met in my entire life and though we have only really been together for two and a half months, we both agree whole-heartedly that we want to get married and share a life together full of love and amazing experiences/adventures. Read more »

Theresa and Greg

And now, nearly five months after meeting online, we both believe that we have truly found the loves of our live. Read more »

Kyle and Alexis

I feel gypped that I didn't meet her earlier in life, but fate has a strange way of drawing people together. Read more »

Kenny and Samantha

The first night we talked over the phone, it was for about four hours. Read more »

Adero and John

John and I first met online in Sept 2009. We chatted online for several months and finally met in February 2010 at MoMa in NYC. He was late, I looked hot. We went to the Tim Burton exhibit and had dinner at a Showtune Cafe. Read more »

Liz and Ian

Things progressed pretty quickly and over two years later, we're still happy together and engaged. Read more »

Melinda and Neil

Neil and I are similar and yet have different enough personalities to balance each other out. Read more »

Abi and Seth

I can honestly and gratefully say that I met my best friend through OKCupid. Read more »

Stacy and Silas

After many 'not quites' and a couple of 'almosts' we have really found true love thanks to OkCupid. Read more »

Nakeisha and Jason

Within the hour we already had a connection and it felt like we had known each other for years. Read more »

Erin and Melissa

As soon as she replied the very first time, I knew that this woman would have an immense impact on my life. Read more »

R and Val

...we really hit off when we first used the OkCupid IM function - we didn't stop for ten hours straight. Read more »

Rocky and Brittany

After talking for a few weeks, and almost deleting our profiles on the same day, myself and Brittany finally met and instantly fell in love. Read more »

Alana and Robert

Meeting Alana is a perfect example of the futility of convincing oneself something doesn't exist, just because it's almost never found. Read more »

Dave and Lisa

We are looking forward to a long and happy life together. Read more »