Jonathan and Hilary

We met a little after we started talking, and it was love at first sight. Read more »

christopher and rebecca

From the minute I started talking to her there was an immediate attraction. Read more »

Brendan and Erin

We met on our first outing at a Build-A-Bear workshop with our kids as a play date. We only did this to get a feel before we actually went on a date. From the moment we separated, we seemed to keep on texting and calling each other. Our next date was planned and we have been in complete and utter bliss since that day. Read more »

Nicole and Michael

Michael and I met after chatting for a month or so online, and the first time our hands touched, I could feel the electricity shoot through my body. Read more »

Melissa and Joey

We met on here on April 19th, at first I just thought he was odd. But then we got to know each other better, and fell for each other fast! Read more »

Vanessa and Josh

My flight was for December 20th, just a couple of days later, but while I was on the phone packing my things the night before, he blurted out those three little words, that he said he couldn't hold in any longer. Read more »

Jessica and Carter

By the time we met, we knew exactly what we wanted, and because we had talked online first, we knew we had a lot in common and were a good match (at least on paper). Read more »

Jane and Chris

After the end of our first weekend together, he told me he knew what Tigers player jersey was going to buy for me. I remember realizing how serious this was. Read more »

Anais and Ness

I never thought I would say this, and actually believe it, but if such a thing as "soul mates" exists, then I have found my missing puzzle piece. I couldn't imagine a future without him, and although there hasn't been a proposal, I couldn't imagine anyone else at the end of the aisle, except for him. There's nothing about him that I don't love, and he's just perfect in every sense of the word. Read more »

Fredd and Dylan

From our very first conversation, I knew Dylan and I had a special connection. Since then, Dylan and I have weathered environmental disasters and the loss of a parent for both of us, and have come out the other side as better people and more deeply in love. Read more »

Monica and Jeffrey

I moved to Ohio with my 4 cats all the way from Peru. Jeff is my soulmate, my half orange. It would have never happened if we didn't meet here. True story! Read more »

Alex and Julie

Seven months later, I can't believe how lucky I am to be with Julie. She's everything that I could ever want in a girlfriend. We laugh at each others lame puns, have all kinds of nerd-tastic conversations, and sing incredibly terrible duets in the car. When one of us is down, the other is always there to pick them back up. I love her more than anything and look forward to having her to light up my life for a long time. Read more »

Keri and Chris

On April 26th Chris proposed to me in church. It's been amazing! Read more »

Scott and Alysha

The romance/relationship began that night and I was hoping by the time we were half way through dinner for a second date with her. Read more »

Andrew and Heather

Well, we first met on here like most other people do. I was honestly skeptical at first because even eHarmony failed at finding me a woman that could honestly connect with me. This, on the other hand, changed my life. Read more »