Megan and Robert

We quickly became best friends and he was some one that I knew I would not be able to have missing from my life despite our distance. Read more »

Janice and Marcus

I knew immediately that I had met my husband. Read more »

Kristen and Alex

I still have the ticket stubs from the Crystal Castles show from our 2nd date where we first kissed. Read more »

Denise and Rich

I realized as most people do who have lost a loved one, that life is too short to worry about the small things and that sometimes, you really need to listen to your heart. I listened to mine. Read more »

Mark and Jen

It's a fantastic thing -- to marry your best friend. Read more »

Theresa and Greg

So two amazing people met, fell in love and are continuing our story that all began with a little website named OkCupid. Read more »

Melissa and Ryan

He is my favorite person in the entire world, he makes me the happiest. We have so much fun together, and I am soooo happy that we are boyfriend/girlfriend Read more »

Jesica and Daniel

Luckily, the internet knows no distance and allowed iammydogshero and NYtractorgirl to meet in the ectoplasm of cyberspace. Read more »

Dusti and Brian

I met the love of my life because of and wholeheartedly recommend the site to every single person out there. Read more »

MN and JC

Meeting someone in such a short space of time and pledging your love to one another in possibly the most life-changing way ever, is thanks to this site - and whilst we are no longer together, it helped us believe in love. And if it can happen to us, it can happen to anyone. Read more »

Georgina and Joseph

After talking online for almost three months, we finally had our first date: It was just dinner and a movie, but I remember being in the theater and our arms touching ever-so-slightly on the armrest and how the feeling of his skin on mine was the best thing in the world. Read more »

Emmy and Craig

It sounds so cliche, but neither of us had ever thought that online dating was for us and now we're both so happy! Read more »

Tricia and Nick

I met the man I'm going to marry. I got an adorable message in my inbox about peanut butter sandwiches, and haven't looked back since. He's the one for me. It's official in April. :) Read more »

Ron and Amanda

We met and spoke occasionally but didn't quite get it together. Eventually she got married, divorced, and we reconnected. Now we've been married happily for three years, and I'm never looking back! Read more »

Tegan and Michael

It was the best first date that I have ever had! We are now currently in a relationship and loving every minute of it! Read more »