Matthew and Danielle

I own a lot of nifty stuff, but there's not a single product I've ever purchased that's truly changed my life like the way OkCupid did - and it was FREE. Thank you for the ridiculous gift you've given us both. Read more »

Alex and Ashley

"Things couldn't be better." Read more »

Alison and Ivan

"We've spent every single weekend together for six full months. And we're planning on moving in together at the end of the summer." Read more »

Tamalyn and Steven

We did the whole "play house" thing. Bar-b-q's, trips to the river, movies on the couch, etc. And then one day, he said it: "You can live here, ya know, if you want." Read more »

Amanda and Duy

"After that, we spent nearly every day together. Texting, talking, hanging out, doing whatever. We continuously went on romantic, fun, sweet, casual dates." Read more »

Sarah and Matt

We originally met on here years ago, possibly around 2005. We went on a date, but nothing came of it then. In June of 2007 we both happened to be active on our profiles again for the first time in ages, and he sent me a message. Read more »

Cat and Doug

From the first time I read I message from Doug, I was hooked. I can't put my finger on what it was but I found him instantly engaging and pretty cute too. We hit a few messages back and forth, I tried to play hard to get (badly) and we met a couple of weeks later. Read more »

Margarite and Jason

We got along like white on rice right from the beginning and three months later are happy as ever. (= Read more »

Michael and Angie

"I remember how nervous I was which is new to me. She is amazing." Read more »

Katie and Lynda

This is an OkCupid friendship story. Read more »

Keegan and Stina

"She -did- propose! Over and over!" Read more »

Ashley and Billy

"Every moment has been magic, and nothing but thanks and appreciation for having this opportunity to pop into each other's world - we are fortunate, for sure :)" Read more »

Katie and Shea

"Shea is my best friend and I can say with 100% assurance that I wouldn't be where I am today had I not met him. On a dating site. Yay OK Cupid! ;)" Read more »

Kristine and Sean

I first messaged Sean to ask him for his fake blood recipe for a film I was working on. He had graduated from film school at Ithaca and I was attending film school at NYU so we traded some stories and tips. Read more »

Stacey and Shaun

"Flash forward to December (Christmas Day) and I was surprised with an engagement ring and the solid realization I have found the best person and family ever!!!" Read more »