LJ and Chris

"I knew when I met him I had met someone special, and every time I saw him that feeling grew more and more." Read more »

Clark and Kate

Everything was perfect. We started talking via OKC messages and almost didn't meet because I had intended to close my account and she had a creepy guy stalk her the next day. As it turned out, we intended only to meet as friends for coffee and we totally hit it off. Read more »

Aubri and Geoff

"After just 3 dates we knew we had found our perfect mates." Read more »

Dana and Crispy

Its been more than two years now. We live together and plan on making this long term. Thank you OKC for introducing me to the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. Read more »

Kim and Ryan

"I wouldn't have found him if it weren't for OkCupid and a taking a chance on love!" Read more »

Ann and Stuart

"We're racking up frequent flyer miles traveling back and forth!" Read more »

Nicola and Mikel

We got engaged over a month ago and we plan on getting married shortly. Read more »

Robin and Kirstin

When we realized Valentine's Day was in about a week, we started talking about how bitter we were towards such a stupid holiday. She said, "Well if we're going to be bitter, we might as well be bitter together." We decided that we should meet the night before and hang out for the weekend. Read more »

Nikki and Brent

He got down on one knee and brought out a ring and said "Nikki will you marry me?" He was so cute and teary eyed :) I said YES! We were surrounded by people clapping and cheering for us. It was so special. Read more »

Patrick and Wendy

Wendy and I clicked right away, and while I wouldn't call it love at first sight (though she would) I would definitely say that I knew we'd be friends forever. And we are the best of friends, as well as lovers and soon-to-be husband and wife. If it hadn't been for OkC, I don't think we would have ever met and both of us would be very sad pandas indeed. Read more »

Melissa and Sean

Two weeks later, I found out I was pregnant by my ex and my ex didn't want me to have the baby. I had to tell Sean... Read more »

claudia and frank

We met at a parking lot, and when I first saw him I was like 'Ok. he's not all that bad looking.' He told me I didn't look like a yeti, which was strangely comforting. We went to see a horrible movie then to the park that I loved. He joked that it looked kind of scary and had to hold my hand. Read more »

Alexis and Kyle

We didn't classify that first night as a "date" -- at least, not at first. We weren't exactly sure what it was other than an opportunity to get better acquainted with each other. But as the night unfolded, so did something strange and wonderful. Read more »

Tim and Megan

When we got together we were both extremely surprised how accurate the matching system was on OkCupid. We are both extremely grateful to you for helping us to find each other. Read more »

Gerard and Emma

She actually read my profile and didn't bother to leave a comment. She felt she wouldn't match my criteria. I noticed she stopped by (great feature, by the way) and told her she was cute and asked her to come back. Read more »