Alexis and Kyle

We didn't classify that first night as a "date" -- at least, not at first. We weren't exactly sure what it was other than an opportunity to get better acquainted with each other. But as the night unfolded, so did something strange and wonderful. Read more »

Tim and Megan

When we got together we were both extremely surprised how accurate the matching system was on OkCupid. We are both extremely grateful to you for helping us to find each other. Read more »

Gerard and Emma

She actually read my profile and didn't bother to leave a comment. She felt she wouldn't match my criteria. I noticed she stopped by (great feature, by the way) and told her she was cute and asked her to come back. Read more »

John and Amanda

Well where do I start? I sent her a message, halfway not expecting her to answer me but she did. Read more »

Lisa and Don

We had both went on countless blind dates that never led to a second date. We were happy to know that there was potential in one another after reading each other's profiles and not finding grammatical errors or freakish red flags. Read more »

Allyson and Brian

We have two cats, a dog, a home, and a beautiful future ahead of us. There's not much more we can say except thank you. We're so grateful for one another, and the site that hooked us up. Read more »

Shellaina and Timothy

To those of you who feel defeated and lost because you haven't found the right one yet, don't give up because Tim and I didn't and if we had we wouldn't have found each other. Read more »

Megan and Star

Star was browsing people on OkCupid when she came across my photo; she has since said that she thought I was the most beautiful woman she has ever seen. Read more »

Rachel and Mike

"Do you think your cat KNOWS I'm you're boyfriend?" Read more »

Rebecca and Christopher

You ever had that moment where you just know... something special is happening? Read more »

Virginia and Scott

This last weekend Scott and I were married in a fantastic 1920s themed ceremony held in an old theatre in our town. The night was perfect. Read more »

Genevieve and Dominic

Our first date in the grand scheme of things was horrible, but we liked each other so much that it didn't matter. He took me to sushi (even though I said I didn't like fish), and we went to a movie that wasn't very good. We still had a great time and had our first kiss standing in line for desserts at Sweet Life Patisserie in Eugene. Read more »

Colleen and Kris

We just had a fairy tale wedding and a dream honeymoon in Jamaica. We have been married 5 months and life is wonderful. Read more »

Victoria and Sean

Walking down the road back to the car, Sean carrying a useless old record player and a ladybug carcass covered army jacket, I knew I had found my one. Read more »

Cressida and Michael

I was on OkCupid checking my mail and seeing who viewed my profile. I saw Michael's picture on my visitors list. Even though it said we were only a 56% match, I decided to check out his page. After responding to him and asking why he didn't leave a message, we never lost contact after that. Read more »