Rebecca and Stephen

Our first date turned out rather amazing though, he took me to a lunch and then a rock climbing facility. He certainly knew how to pick out a date that was both fun and showed his strengths. After the first couple of awkward dates it didn't take long to realize that we were both fun-loving silly people. Read more »

Emily and Joe

He's 6'6'' and I'm 5'3''. He said "Just warning you, I'm tall!" I thought I was going to meet a giant! I was relieved to find that he was an acceptable height, and we ended up talking for hours at Starbucks in the middle of a snowstorm, days before Christmas. Read more »

Linda and Steve

I'd never known anyone so sincere, so unabashedly expressive of his feelings and desires, someone who pursued me with impassioned aggression -- the way I'd always wanted someone to do. Read more »

Katie and Noah

We met on a weeknight, and the general idea was just to hang out, watch a movie and smoke. We did NOT like each other. Read more »

Lynn and Lindsay

I love her more than anything in the world. We're soul mates, lovers, and she's my best friend. I couldn't ask for anything better. Read more »

Laura and Austin

We hung out at my place and would always go on OKCupid and have fun talking to random people that would message me while he was over. After a couple of months our relationship started to get serious and he moved in. Read more »

Marci and William

We met by complete chance on here. I winked at him, and we started to talk back and forth. Soon, we realized we were basically the same dude. We got along so well. Read more »

Katie and Rachel

The anticipation I had built up towards her was tumbling in my stomach, making my hands become very shaky, too shaky for me to hide. I finally built up the confidence to grab her and pull her soft lips into mine. Read more »

Janet and Trey

Trey messaged me: "So, what kind of D&D character do you like to play?" It's been total geek love ever since. Read more »

Jane and Fox

I joined OKC several years ago because it's a really cool place to take entertaining tests and sometimes meet really cool people that share my interests. I made a pen-pal in Sweden, and met a singer who I now play music with regularly. Over the years I went on a few dates and even had a long-term relationship or two. Now and then I come across people I already know. Read more »

Jerry and Megan

Our first date was amazing and even though our next date wasn't for two more days, I called her up the next day and we spent part of the day together. It was a great weekend and things have continued to get better and better since. We both agree that this relationship is unlike any other we have either had. We are madly in love and totally happy with OKCupid. Thanks! Read more »

Chelsea and Josh

We met in front of my dorm about two hours after I first sent him a message on here. We spent a long time getting to know each other and had an epic Valentine's Day together. Read more »

Marissa and Josh

Trying to tread lightly on the subject, I had asked him if he only had one leg. He laughed and said no and asked why I would ask that. Read more »

Mark and Susan

Susan and I have waited a long time to get married - into our 40's. We had both never been able to meet the right person, and we had both gotten to the point where we thought we would never meet the right person. Read more »

Christopher and Ashley

I remember the first time I was able to come home to see her. I was dressed in my uniform and I stood on her porch waiting for her to answer the door. As she opened the door I saw her in person for the first time and I just knew I was going to marry this girl. Before anything was said we just started to kiss each other. It was long overdue. Read more »