Jenna and Michael

I texted him on November 28th, 2009 (Saturday), and he asked if I wanted to meet for coffee. I agreed! Little did I know he was at a party and as soon as I texted him, he made up an excuse to leave the party!! =) Read more »

Bryony and Joxley

He wrote me a poem in his first message, and we poemed back and forth for a good month. Read more »

Kristen and Nicholas

We met in high school, but the website helped us to reconnect. If it wasn't for this website, there is no way we would have run into each other. Read more »

meredith and kevin

We started talking all from just a Wink. I got Kevin on my Quickmatch and thought he was cute, so I sent him a wink to see if I got lucky. Boy, did I ever! :D Read more »

Cole and Lacy

An IM window popped up on my screen from a name I didn't know, with a message that said something along the lines of: "Hi. I'm not some random crazy person... Well, I am, but, anyway, I saw your profile on OkCupid and wanted to IM you and say 'hi.' So... uhm... Hi." Read more »

Caitlyn and Ben

We went to a wonderful Spanish restaurant for dinner and had a fantastic time. He even got me to try raw fish on the first date, which I swore I would never try! We have been together ever since. Read more »

John and Christina

We hit it off so well that night we decided we wanted a relationship together two days later. In October of that same year we decided (well, she decided) we should get married. On March 6th 2010 we were married and are expecting a child. We couldn't be happier! Read more »

Melissa and Colm

When we hugged at the Cork airport in July of 2008, I knew he was the one. Read more »

Chris and Jenni

Although we've only known each other for a short period of time, everything feels right and whole for the first time. Read more »

Will and Jessica

I told her that we would "never date, ever." Now we are married, and have been together for over 2 years. Read more »

Jared and Lauren

Our first date was a riot, we both have the same goofy ridiculous sense of humor as well as a very similar moral and family background. Read more »

Jessica and Stephanie

I never make the first move, but she was too nervous to make it. Once she knew that I wanted to she said, "Let's try that again." And we had the most amazing kiss of our lives... Read more »

Natasha and Jesse

They met for drinks at the Tabbard Inn, a very classy restaurant/lounge that is kind of like the living room of a very rich old person. How many 1st dates had Jesse brought to the Tabbard? Only his past credit card invoices could count. Natasha's first date with an American was the previous evening and she has been very underwhelmed. He was balder than she expected. Read more »

Kayti and Matt

As the relationship progressed, so did the depth of their hearts. It was like discovering the opposite sex all over again--giggling, dumbfounded, and skipping from place to place. Read more »

Tom and Natalie

I asked Natalie out on a blind date in September 2008, and for some reason she didn't just click "delete." Read more »